About us

Discover details about us and how we work

Konex, how does it work ?



We analyze your store and offer the most popular products according to your types of customers.


Setting up

​Our team travels at no cost to your store to set up the displays of the chosen products.


Making money

Say hello to profits! Once the products are all sold, our team returns to your store to refill the displays.

Our story

2 years ago Groupe Konex released the first bamboo sunglasses on the Quebec market. Since then, people have become very attracted to them and more than 150,000 pairs have found takers. Subsequently, we expanded our offering to meet the growing demand of our customers and offer a wide range of products.

Our team

We are a passionate company that always strives to excel and offer you the best we can.

Our mission

We aim to maximize the profits of your store by using a wide variety of products.

What we do

We are always on the lookout for new products to offer you the most popular products.

Why choose us?

We offer our clients the best possible profit margins. Ask a representative for the costs of our products.
Sign an exclusive agreement with us to obtain even better profit margins. Contact us for more details.
Our corporate agreements give you the opportunity to use centralized billing in many businesses in Quebec.
​We send offers to our customers by email that allow them to save on the purchase of our products.
Under certain conditions, our team can design your display stands to fit the look of your store, with your logo and your colors according to your taste. Contact us for more details.
If you have some of our products that sell less well than others, we offer you the opportunity to exchange them at no cost for products more suited to your store.

Do you wish to order Konex products?

Do not hesitate to write us or call us to get more information about the many products available and find out what is best for your store and customers.